Who are we?

We are Fritz and Anja Scholz. We came to Playa del Albir for the first time in 1980 and we liked this cosy place right away. Since 1984 we live here permanently and are engaged in letting of holiday apartments. When we started Albir was just a small place situated on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea with only one mainstreet with shops for the daily needs, a tobacco-shop, a couple of bars and restaurants. There were a few houses devided in areas and every house had a number. There were no streets or streetnames in that time. The houses were partly owned by Spanish people, partly by foreigners. The rest of Albir consisted of orangefields, where it was nice to take a quiet walk. In the mean time most of the orangefields have been disappeared and made room for blocks of houses with fortunately no more than 6 stocks, that means no sky-scrapers. L’Alfàs del Pi, to where Albir belongs, has now expanded very much. Here are living now over 90 different nationalities together. Of a total of 18.000 inhabitants, 10.000 come from abroad. It is one of Spain’s most international towns. In spite of the fact that Albir has expanded much, it is still a beautiful tourist place with all elements for a wonderful holiday.

If you are interested to pay a visit to Albir and you want to rent one of our apartments, you can fill in the inquiry-form. Also if you have any questions. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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